The Hand Stitching Needle – Historical past and Info

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Even a small factor like a hand stitching needle has had a job within the historical past of people. Some information and historical past concerning the hand stitching needle:

  • The primary stitching needles have been comprised of bone and have been used to stitch animal hides collectively. The oldest identified bone ones have been present in what’s now southwestern France and has been estimated to be over 25,000 years outdated.
  • Needles comprised of copper, silver and bronze have been utilized in historical Egypt.
  • The oldest iron needle identified was present in what’s now Germany, and dates again to the third century B.C.E.
  • Bookbinders and shoemakers used ones comprised of hog bristles within the Center Ages.
  • Native Individuals used porcupine quills and the pointed finish of agave leaves for stitching needles. The fibers of the agave leaf have been additionally used for thread.
  • Steel needle making was perfected by Muslims in Spain within the 11th century. Spanish Muslims have been a few of the most educated medical docs on the earth on the time, and had perfected many surgical methods that required needles for suturing.
  • When the Muslims have been pushed out of Spain within the 15th century, they took the information of needle making with them to Arab lands. Muslims returned to creating them, and Arab merchants took them to Europe.
  • Europe discovered the artwork of needle making from Arab needle makers, and it got here to England within the 17th century. Earlier than this time, steel needles have been made in Europe by the native blacksmith, and resulted in very crude needles.
  • The information of needle making was additionally used to make fish hooks in England. The nation grew to become well-known for top of the range fish hooks in addition to stitching needles in the course of the 17th century.
  • Steel needles have been handcrafted earlier than the commercial age. The method started with slicing wire lengthy sufficient to make two needles. Then factors have been floor on both finish of the wire, the wire was flattened within the center and eyes punched out. The needles have been then separated. This operation remains to be adopted immediately, however machines now do the work as a substitute of people.
  • Round 1850 needle making machines started producing needles and turned needle making from a cottage trade into an trade performed in factories. By 1866 there have been 100 million needles being made in England a yr.
  • The English city and district of Redditch in central England grew to become the middle of the world’s needle manufacturing within the 19th century. The craftsmanship of the needles made there was so nice {that a} international producer despatched a hypodermic needle to Redditch claiming that it was smaller than Redditch needle makers might produce. The needle was despatched again to the producer with a needle made by Redditch craftsman so small that it match contained in the international producer’s!
  • Needle making remains to be being performed within the Redditch space and different locations in England.

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